Innokin iSub Bass speaker Ohm Tank Assessment

Innokin iSub Intro

With this assessment we look into the fresh new Innokin isub sub-contract ohm aquarium.We have reviewed innumerable sub ohm tanks now, so ended up ecstatic to view what Innokin could supply from the below ohm reservoir market place! The iSub is quite possibly the most cost-effective subwoofer ohm fish tank available on the market.

TheInnokin Isub appears to be very different to another subwoofer ohm reservoir we’ve got assessed at this point featuring an original German born made thermoplastic gong shaped fish tank.Apparently the polycarbonate is quite a bit a smaller amount susceptible to wonderful when being fallen and so far delicious on ours! The iSub is a perfectly weighed tiny bass speaker ohm reservoir and has a no spill coil sharing system, i always will talk about underneath.

There is the Innokin isub F, which features a Pyrex window water tank, if you don’t much like the German Personal computer reservoir.As well as uploading that overview soon at the same time.

Formore subscription ohm fish tank critiques drop by good below ohm tanks webpage.When you are a newcomer to sub-contract ohm vaping then be sure you have a look at our document on “what is subwoofer ohm vaping“.

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InnokiniSub Specific features boasting

Package Content

Innokin iSub Equipment Written content

1 back button Innokin iSub Below-Ohm Container

1 y Preinstalled .5 ohm iSub Coils

1 back button Supplemental .5 ohm iSub Coil nailers


Price: Buck12.99! !

Power level Assortment: 20-35W

Tank Capacity: 4ml

Coil nailers Accessible: .5ohm

Drinking water removing substance: 100% Japanese people Natural 100 % cotton

RBA: No RBA available

Diameter: 22mm

No-Discharge Coil Substitute Process

5 ohm iSub Western Organic cotton Coils – 20w to 35w

Chrome Steel Built in Widebore Leak Tip

4 Cubic centimeters Capability

2 times 12 millimeters by 3 millimeter Adaptable Air movement Video poker machines

Stainless Engineering

German Made Plastic Gong Fashioned Container

22mm across

Notable Statements

While using iSub .5ohm Japoneses Natural cotton Coil nailers

Innokin iSub Air movement

We used the iSub on the new IPV4 box mod.Like all our subscription ohm aquarium reviews, we employed well known high VG at the-liquefied – Fa-Q Neglect Samoa, that is a 75Per cent VG ourite-juices which seems of pastries and ointment (unquestionably delightful! ).Check out our Fa-E ourite-water overview and help you save 18Per-cent on individuals elizabeth-drinks with our made to order FA-K coupon code.

20W– Currently at 20W you can find pretty first rate essence and quite significant ambiance.The vapor is nevertheless for the chilly aspect.

30W– Great quality and large ambiance with a a little much more enjoyable vape.The watery vapor is nevertheless less comfy as similar to the Subtank Tiny when it reaches this electricity consuming and the get hint continues to be nice and great.

35W– For me personally I chosen the water at 35W, because water had been a little more comfortable so i observed the flavour far more noticable than at 20-30W.I thought this was our sweet spot due to this water tank and .5ohm coil.

40W– Innokin please don’t advocate this electrical power for such curls, but I will attempt at any rate.I am able to sense a dried reach starting with this electricity consuming, therefore i would not truly try the iSub when it reaches this electricity.Follow 35W and below for the pleasant enjoyable subwoofer ohm vape.

Making use of the iSub .5ohm Nippon Natural cotton Coils

Innokin iSub Circulation

We employed the iSub on the new IPV4 box mod.Like with all our sub ohm reservoir opinions, we employed our absolute favorite large VG elizabeth-fluid – Fa-T Overlook Samoa, the 75Pct VG at the-liquid which tastes of snacks and creme (unquestionably scrumptious! ).Check out our Fa-T at the-water overview and help you save 18Per cent on people ourite-state of mind with his custom FA-Q promotion code.

20W– Currently at 20W there’s fairly reasonable flavoring and very enormous atmosphere.The water vapor is however within the chilly side.

30W– Pleasant quality and large environment by using a somewhat more comfortable vape.The steam is on the other hand less comfy as like the Subtank Mini as of this watts and also the get tip stays on very trendy.

35W– Personally I favorite the watery vapor at 35W, because the steam was obviously a small hotter i uncovered the flavour additional evident than at 20-30W.I thought this was our sweet spot with this tank and .5ohm coil.

40W– Innokin never suggest this wattage for such circles, but I will consider regardless.I could think a dry up click approaching when it reaches this electrical power, and so i did not really try the iSub at this electricity consuming.Stay with 35W and below for your nice fulfilling subscription ohm vape.


RidiculouslyAffordable Price

This has become the main marketing points around the Innokin iSub reservoir.You are able to now get it available at VaporDNA for just Bucks12.99 (24For each05Or2015 – undecided the span of time this will likely final), which happens to be mls less costly than any other below ohm fish tank in the marketplace.The rings are inexpensive at just Usd8.99 5 replacing circles.This could cause the iSub the most affordable below ohm vape we have come across.Even though it is just a cost effective expense the aquarium itself is essentially effectively thought through and does not come to feel cheap.A number of people believe the German born Computer fish tank believes inexpensive, but actually I do not head it in any respect and it is a smaller amount at risk of striking when becoming dropped!

MassiveDual Air movement Slot machines

The flow of air to the iSub is correct on the websites for with the Atlantis V2 in relation to ventilation and features two 12mm by 3mm air flow video poker machines.The airflow slots are easy to change and give some thing for everyone.

NoSpillage Coil Substitute Technique

Innokin iSub Effortless Coil nailers Replace Procedure

This is the seriously exceptional characteristic that individuals have not discover on the other half below ohm fish tanks.When trading a coil you could unscrew one of the most bottom area of the water tank after which it soda the coil out without any/significantly leakage in any respect.It’s a a lot cleaner strategy to replace rings on the bottom filled up tanks and a very good special feature that helps save obtaining your fingers completely drenched in electronic-liquefied.

GermanMade Plastic Bell Processed Water tank

Innokin iSub Colouring Variants

It will conclude personal liking and at the start I’m a bit interested in the The german language Laptop water tank.I was thinking it would be additional at risk from awesome than normal Pyrex goblet.On the other hand, we have been advised that it must be the truth is additional long-lasting than Pyrex with regards to wonderful.We actually tried out falling it on a lawn and incredibly it did not bust (I do not propose trying this even though while there is no alternative container! )I have got are available to that is comparable to the appearance of the gong processed water tank, which I had been not the most important enthusiast of at first.

HorizontalCoils with a lot of Air movement

Innokin iSub .5 as opposed to. Aspire Atlantis .5 Coil nailers

The flow of air around the circles can also be great with plenty of space or room at the end for fresh air ahead over the coil.The coil by itself

is really a horizontally coil nailers assemble like to the Kanger Subtanks.The 2 main juice flow divots usually are not the most significant, but do not have any difficulty with wicking higher VG at the-fuilds.I was running a 75Percentage VG at the-water without any troubles.

Thecoils also have a fine mesh cover that we am assuming would be to provide some safeguard versus spit-backside.The rings generally speaking use a solid and quality look and feel to them and appear to be well developed.I just cannot reply to reparing them, as we not been as successful to accept coil nailers aside.

GoodFlavor and large Ambiance

https: The iSub the flavour was there quickly.

Forsuch an affordable fish tank I isn’t planning on the planet in the event it reached flavour, but I was happily surprised, although for each/grape vine.corpVersusvFor eacheqI5PYj72WU

Theclouds even at 25W are really large on this water tank and it will get through a wide range of age-drink.Be careful should you be a novice to below ohm aquariums make certain to use an elizabeth-liquid with fewer which can be you will be used to, since you will receive by way of far more age-water than on a typical clearomizer.

Theflavor hasn’t been bad at all to the .5ohm coils, which features Japanese people natural natural cotton as wicking materials.What stunned me most was how rapid the coil nailers wicked instantly as it is knowning that the flavor was more or less there soon after puffs.With a number of the other subwoofer ohm coil nailers we be familiar with you at times need to get through a overall or 1 / 2 a tank, prior to the circles genuinely take effect very well.It wasn’t on the websites for with the likes of the Freemax, Leading and Herakles Starre, nevertheless it was a nice sub ohm vape at the lessen wattage, great for people that have 50W or 30W devices.

EasyTo Disassemble

Innokin iSub Taken apart

The iSub itself is very simple to consider aside thoroughly and entirely clean.I said be simple coils exchange process which works perfectly, though the full reservoir also comes away from each other with ease, which means you can give it an excellent tidy and then put it back collectively very easily.

RidiculouslyAffordable Selling price

This is one of the greatest advertising details for the Innokin iSub water tank.You can at this time obtain it discounted at VaporDNA only for Money12.99 (24/05/2015 – unclear how much time this tends to previous), which happens to be kilometers less expensive than any other sub ohm reservoir in the marketplace.The rings may also be inexpensive at just Bucks8.99 for five replacement circles.This could cause the iSub the lowest priced subscription ohm vape we have come across.When it’s a not costly cost the reservoir is actually adequately considered and won’t come to feel low-priced.Many people consider the The german language Laptop water tank feels low-priced, truly I don’t brain it in any way in fact it is much less at risk of awesome when becoming lowered!

MassiveDual Circulation Slots

The airflow on the iSub is proper up there while using the Atlantis V2 in regards to air flow boasting two 12mm by 3mm airflow slot machines.The flow of air spots are really simple to modify and still provide some thing for everyone.

NoSpill Coils Substitute System

Innokin iSub Effortless Coil nailers Swap Program

This is a seriously special attribute that many of us have not at all discovered on the other instrument sub ohm tanks.When interchanging a coil nailers you may remove probably the most bottom part the main container after which crop up the coil out without anyVersusa great deal leaks whatsoever.It is a a great deal cleaner solution to exchange circles on the base loaded septic tanks and a excellent exceptional aspect that will save you getting your arms entirely condensed in e-liquefied.

GermanMade Thermoplastic Gong Fashioned Tank

Innokin iSub Color Adaptations

This tends to depend on particular desire and from the outset I had been marginally concerned about the German PC water tank.I believed it will be far more vulnerable to great than normal Pyrex window.On the other hand, we’re also informed that it is actually a lot more long lasting than Pyrex on the subject of great.We used shedding it on to the floor and incredibly it could not crack (I examine advise trying this even though since there is no replacement container! )I have come to really like the appearance of the bell shaped tank, we isn’t the most important supporter of in the beginning.

HorizontallyCircles with a lot of Air movement

Innokin iSub .5 compared to. Desire Atlantis .5 Coils

The flow of air around the circles is usually very good with lots of living space towards the bottom for surroundings to come back through the coils.The coil nailers alone

is usually a outside coils make like to the Kanger Subtanks.The 2 main veggie juice circulation gaps are not the most important, but don’t possess any complaints about drinking water removing high VG age-fluids.There we were running a 75Per cent VG age-liquid without challenges.

Thecoils in addition have a capable go over that i am accepting should be to provide some security from spittle-back again.The curls generally use a sound and excellent overall look and feeling for them and appearance being well built.I can’t discuss fixing them, as we battled to accept coil aside.

GoodFlavor and Big Ambiance

https: Because you be getting by considerably more elizabeth-fluid than on a regular clearomizer.

Theflavor isn’t awful in the least on the .5ohm coil, the features Japoneses pure natural cotton as wicking fabric.What stunned me most was how fast the coil nailers great instantly from the box knowning that the taste was basically there after puffs.With several of the other subscription ohm coil nailers we know of you occasionally have to get through a whole or fifty percent an aquarium, until the curls truly begin their work very well, but with the iSub the flavor was there very quickly.

Forsuch an affordable container I wasn’t pregnant the planet whenever it arrived at quality, but I was pleased.All this wasn’t up there with manufacturers like the Crown, Herakles and Freemax Starre, however it was obviously a enjoyable sub-contract ohm vape at the lower electrical power, just the thing for people who have 50W or 30W gadgets.

EasyTo Disassemble

Innokin iSub Disassembled

The iSub is easy to consider aside totally and thoroughly clean.I pointed out easily drain away . coils swap technique which fits well, even so the full water tank also can come away from each other with ease, significance you are able to provide it with a superb neat and then put it back collectively quickly.


Challenging to Pack the Fish tank Up Absolutely

The fish tank just can’t be filled up entirely, hence the fish tank normally appears to be 1Per3 empty or 2Or3 entire, whichever way you wish to consider, perPergrape vine.corpVersussixth vVersuseqI5PYj72WU

Theclouds even at 25W are rather substantial about this container and it’ll go through the great deal of at the-drink.Watch out in case you are a newcomer to subwoofer ohm septic tanks and be sure to work with an e-fruit juice with much less may be you will be employed to! They have a 4ml capability in comparison to a 4.5ml potential for the iSub Gary.When you buy right down to recent ml’s of age-fruit juice, you also can’t observe much electronic-veggie juice you’ve quit in the container, as it’s secret inside of the metallic blackberry mobile phones.You may invariably change the tank ugly to discover simply how much you have still but, that and left is not pretty easy. is not pretty easy, though they have a 4ml capability in comparison to a 4.5ml potential for the iSub Gary.When you buy right down to recent ml’s of age-fruit juice, you also can’t observe much electronic-veggie juice you’ve quit in the container, as it’s secret inside of the metallic blackberry mobile phones.You may invariably change the tank ugly to discover simply how much you have still left.These include deal breakers many people feel, but having the ability to fill it thoroughly will give you an further milliliters of elizabeth-fluid which you may constantly make use of on these liquid guzzling septic tanks! Presently only getting the just one coil nailers is a little limited for me.The vast majority of subscription ohm fish tanks have 2-3 diverse ohm circles available, so only getting one particular coil nailers is somewhat decreasing.


The iSub had been a tiny for the obnoxious part, but absolutely nothing main.There was not any brightening through the venting but you do have the strange crackle like about the Subtank Small.

NotMany Add-ons from the iSub Set up

I cannot really criticize about not receiving an upgraded aquarium or even an instruction manual in the iSub system, as you might have to don’t forget it is priced at just Bucks12.99, yet it is a thing to remember.


There is absolutely no RBA segment because of this container or even for the iSub F we have nonetheless find , nor determine whether Innokin wish to do 1.This can be a drawback for many people.

Not easy to Pack the Fish tank Up Completely

The fish tank can’t be filled absolutely, so the fish tank normally appears to be like 1Versus3 bare or 2Per3 entire, no matter what way you would like to view it, although

Simply a .5ohm Coils

Until now there is only the .5ohm coil for that iSub reservoir that I have come across.They may be bringing out additional afterwards! That isn’t really hassle-free.These are generally offer breakers i believe, but having the capacity to grow it fully will give you an excess cubic centimeters of ourite-water which you may normally utilize on these juices guzzling tanks, even though it has a 4ml potential weighed against a 4.5ml volume around the iSub Gary.When you are getting as a result of recent ml’s of e-liquefied, you also cannot find out how a lot at the-juice you’ve got quit from the container, as it’s secret below the metal side.You may invariably use the container the wrong way up to find out the amount you’ve still left! At the present time only finding the 1 coils is a bit minimal i think.Many of the sub-contract ohm septic tanks have 2-3 different ohm rings to pick from, so only obtaining one coil is almost limiting.


The iSub would be a minimal around the loud facet, but practically nothing major.There had not been any teeth whitening from the air movement but you do receive the strange crackle like about the Subtank Small.

NotMany Gadgets inside iSub Set up

I can not genuinely complain about not receiving an alternative container or an instruction manual inside iSub kit, as you do have to try to remember it costs just Usd12.99, but it’s a thing to keep in mind.

N, though

Simply a .5ohm Coil nailers

At this point there is only the .5ohm coil to the iSub reservoir that I know of.They could be bringing out more afterwardsoRBA

There is not any RBA part just for this tank and for the iSub Gary that we have nonetheless find and you should not see whether Innokin are intending to do one particular.This could be a drawback for many.


Wewere not planning on too much to be correctly genuine given this fish tanks expense.Even so, i was pleasantly impressed and its efficiency meets your needs up there with the more costly subscription ohm tanks.This can be a no publicity, well thought through reservoir by wonderful unique features you do not get alternatively sub-contract ohm dive bombs.For just Bucks12.99 (Money11.7 with this promotion code listed below), it is a no brainer for the people seeking a bass speaker ohm container that choices great and it is user-uncomplicated and friendly.The iSub will likely work nicely over a 30W or 50W system, so that you should not require a significant 100W or 150W field because of this water tank.We loved it ideal at 35W, so a 50W pack mod just like the Vaporfi Vox 2 or iStick 50W will certainly be a wonderful appliance because of this.The newest Innokin MVP3 Master can also be a fantastic combo individuals possess the first Innokin MVP3 may also use that and will function effectively at 30W.

Over-all clearly there was tiny to whine around the iSub bass speaker ohm water tank by Innokin along with its unbelievably low cost label oahu is the ideal below ohm container for all those inexepensively.It isn’t on the websites for flavor intelligent with some of the other below ohm dive bombs, however isn’t expecting it to be for its expense in order to be sensible it isn’t actually that far off some of the a great deal more high-priced sub ohm septic tanks in terms of flavor and confuses.

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