Vaporesso Revenger – fast charging mod 2.5A

Always the guys from Vaporesso knew how to surprise. Vaporesso Revenger is on Viper’s shelves today. It happens like a whale version with an atomizer Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank, and just a box-mod.



In the kit we meet the manual in 8 languages, there is also a Russian, branded solid USB cable for charging and firmware mod, Vaporesso NRG Sub-Ohm Tank atomizer, two evaporators 0.15 ohm GT 4 Coil and 0.15 ohm GT 8 Coil, spare glass kit from o-rings, adapter for 510 drip-types.



Atomizer Overview

Completed Vaporesso Revenger Kit branded atomizer NRG from Vaporesso, which has a diameter of 26.5 mm, and the volume of the tank is 5 ml. Actually the tank is simple, with the top dressing, pushed the top cover to the side and filled almost any nozzle with a reservoir of liquid.


In the sliding cover built-in 810 drift-type, which has 2 o-rings. Which or your 810 drip-types can not be set, as they will simply hang out. The drip-type implements the spit back protection system and it works in the atom under consideration. The top cover is twisted and thus the tank is disassembled. You can change the glass or change the evaporators, which are very similar to the Smok TFV Big Baby tank. The evaporators are screwed into the base by a clockwise thread.

koilOn the side of the base is a ring for adjusting the bottom blower, which has a stopper. When the air is completely closed, air does not stretch. At the very bottom is a protruding pin per 1 ml, which is unregulated. Evaporators, as already mentioned above, that come in a set of two types, for 4 and 8 coyle. 
It is important to note that there is also a version of the atomizer for European standards, in this case, the whale version is equipped with an NRG Mini Tank atomizer, with a tank capacity of 2ml.

Fashion Review

Vaporesso Revenger has a very attractive design. All this is thanks to the technology of the device. The device is made of aluminum alloy using IML technology (injection molding). Bevelled corners, beveled forms, a combination of glossy plastic with a metal frame of unusual color evoke delight among others at the sight of this box-fashion. Ergonomic, very well in the hand and does not slip even in spite of the slippery body. Beautiful, a black horse! Always the guys from Vaporesso paid due attention to the quality of their devices. The electronic filling is the OMNI 2.0 card from Vaporesso. There are 7 kinds of flowers.


So, at the top of the connector, which has a spring-loaded brass pin, which tightly springs and it’s good. The connector is pressed and, in theory, should not leave the body of the mod when the drips are twisted. After two weeks of operation with the connector, no difficulties arose. Connector platform allows twisting atomizers up to 28 mm. On the side of the fire button, which is executed in the form of a switch. However, the thumb is very good at pushing it. Click responsive, fast, the button works well. 
The only thing is not pleased because this is something, this is that the button jingles if the mod shake.

At the very bottom of the hole for the removal of gases from the batteries. 
On the one hand, the control panel on which the screen occupies about 50% of the panel, then below the “-” and “+” buttons, and in the middle of the “menu” button. 
At the very bottom of the panel is a connector for the USB port. The port is intended for recharging, which is fast here. Batteries can be charged with a current of 2.5 A and there is a function to increase the charging current, which allows you to accelerate the charging process by 50%.

With the opposite side of the box-fashion cover under the battery compartment. At the very bottom, there is a special notch under the nail, so that you can pry the lid and remove, thus gaining access to the compartment. The lid is supported by three magnets, two on top and one from below. There is a box-mode from two 18650 batteries. There is no hood in the battery compartment, which facilitates the removal of batteries. At the same time, its absence is not critical, the batteries are easily removed.

You should monitor the braids of your batteries, since the inside of the battery cover does not have a substrate that would perform the function of the insulator. And given that the lid is metal, in the case of a damaged braid, a short-circuit may occur on the body of the mod.

The display is informative, 0.96 inches, everything is beautifully displayed. Shows the charge of two batteries (and when they are charging, information is displayed on how long it takes to fully charge the battery – RCT mode (Remaining Charging Time) 
.In addition, the Vaporesso Revenger 220w displays information about power, warm-up, resistance, In the version of firmware V1.04 there is also a counter of puffs.


Modes of operation

If you quickly run through the operating modes, it can be noted that all the necessary protections in this mode are provided, namely from overheating, from short circuit and high current, from strong heating, from low and high voltage. 
A total of 6 modes of operation. There are Smart VW modes. This is a mode where the device itself determines and sets this power on the evaporator based on the resistance of the coil. I must admit that this mode is a little understated, so about 10-30%, so you have to constantly increase the power. 
In addition, there are Bypass, Tk, Ni, Ti, SS316, TCS, CCT. 
The minimum resistance in the varivatt mode is o.05 Ohm and it’s cool! Finally, the manufacturers began to reduce the threshold of 0.1 ohms.


Height mod: 89 mm 
Thickness: 28.9 mm 
Width: 45 mm 
Weight: 130 g.


Device management

You can control the Vaporesso Revenger tc with 4 buttons, 3 on the display and fire. 
Five times on fire and the mod will turn on in 2 seconds. Switch between the modes you can through the button “Menu”, which is in the middle between “-” and “+”. 
Simultaneous holding “-” and “menu” allows you to go to the settings, with anything from any mode. 
If you click on “+” and “menu”, then the buttons will be blocked except fire. 
If you simultaneously press the fire and the “menu”, you can find out the firmware version. 
Firmware can be updated on the official website of the manufacturer, under the heading Firmware. Versions of firmware V1.4 and V1.5 have a screen brightness adjustment, counter of puffs.
Important. To select the firmware version, you need to click on fire and “menu” to find out the revision of the board. There are two revisions of SPCBAT10 and TPCBAT10. Depending on the revision, you should choose the firmware version.


Cons and pros

– in sunny weather, you have to peer at the screen to see information due to glare, 
– the fire button is jarring if you shake the mod, – the 
device due to roundness at the bottom is not stable, so it was in boxing fashion Hcigar VT250 , so maybe to fall, 
– underestimates the power in the Smart mode, 
– the batteries are unequally discharged, – it is 
not always convenient to “walk” through the menu between the modes. 
– ergonomics and design at the height, high-quality coating, small scratches are not visible and I think that they can be polished over time, 
– raises resistance at all modes, incl. on varivatta with 0.05 Ohm, 
– fast charging by current 2.5 A.

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