Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review


Slide the box out of its sleeve and like most Vaporesso mods I have received, the box opens like a book. On one side of the box, we have the mod and on the other side is all the accessories. This mod is really kind of skinny looking. It has a very smooth texture to it with tiny little buttons. Nice little tank as well. Looks really tall for its size.


  • One Tarot Mini 80W TC Mod
  • One Veco EUC Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 0.4 ohm Clapton Traditional EUC Coil
  • 0.5 ohm 316L Ceramic EUC Coil
  • Spare Glass Tank Section
  • Spare O-Rings
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manuals

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review



The Vaporesso Tarot Mini comes with the Veco tank. It is a nice little sub ohm tank that measures 22 mm x 48 mm. It is actually a perfect fit for the Tarot Mini. The flavor on this little tank is really good for a top airflow tank. Right below the drip tip, we do have two airflow slots and they are adjustable. The drip tip is nice and comfortable as well. The coils are small and very easy to replace because they are the drop-in style. They have no threading and they are just dropped into place. This little tank does have a massive oring on the bottom of the tank that does a pretty good job keeping the juice in the tank where it belongs.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

The Veco tank does take the EUC family of coils. EUC coils are made with the idea of using as little metal as possible in the actual chassis of the coil. This has a couple of benefits to it. It makes the coil easier to replace and it does save the consumer money because the coil does not have the built-in cost of a big metal sleeve. The drop-in style of coil that the Veco uses makes switching coils in the middle of a tank easy and clean.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

Here are the coils and their wattages that are available for the Veco tank as of the writing of this review. The coils that came included with the kit I am reviewing are the ceramic .5 ohm SS 316 coil and the .4 ohm traditional Clapton coil.

Ceramic SS316 0.3Ω 35-40W
Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω 35-40W
Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W
Ceramic SS316 0.6Ω 40-55W
Traditional Clapton 0.5Ω 35-40W
Traditional Clapton 0.4Ω 40-50W

Overall this is a very solid little tank that matches up really well with the Tarot Mini. It’s no cloud beast but it will give you a solid, flavorful, satisfying, vape.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review


Like I said before, the Tarot Mini is a skinny little device. It measures in at 98 mm x 38 mm x 22.5 mm. The 510 pin is definitely what I’ve come to expect from Vaporesso products. It is very solid, with a nice firm spring, and it has cutouts for atomizers that still get their airflow from the bottom. Threading on the 510 is stainless steel and it’s nice and smooth. So far, all the atomizers that I have used on the Mini have sat flush. You can get a 22mm atomizer on the Mini with no overhang.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

I really like the way Vaporesso did the body of this mod. It has a nice, hard, smooth finish to it. It has a carbon fiber look and is made out of zinc and aluminum alloy. Branding on the Mini is very subdued and elegant. We do have some battery venting present on the bottom of the mod. On the widest points of the mod, there is branding as well. Vaporesso did do something a little different with this mod. They put the charge update port behind the battery cover. So far, I’m still not sure how I feel about this. I understand the reason why they did it. They wanted to protect the port and keep it clean. However, in daily use, I have found it kind of annoying that I actually have to pop the battery cover off to charge the mod. Now, granted 95% of the time I charge externally but for those times that I am in a pinch and I need to charge internally, it has proven to be annoying. I’m still not sure whether I am going to list it as a pro, con, or maybe I’ll list it as both and let you decide.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

This brings us to the battery door. It is really well done and very seamless. There is a little tab on the base of the cover that will allow you to get your fingernail in there and open the door. The door does come completely off the mod but it is held in place by two strong magnets that attach to two recessed magnets. So, not only do we have magnets holding the door in place, but since they are recessed, they do act as a pin so the door does not move. Pretty ingenious and well thought out if you ask me. The end result is the battery door stays in place and there is no rattle at all.

The battery sled is clean and nicely done as well. It does have all the appropriate markings but they are in black on black and sometimes you kind of have to struggle to see them. I do wish Vaporesso would have used clearer markings for the battery orientation. The battery does go in positive side up and there is a gold plated, spring loaded contact on the positive side. We also have some board venting present right next to the battery. The Mini does not have a battery ribbon but to be honest, it’s really not needed because the battery does come out fairly easily.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

The screen on the Mini is a .91 inch OLED display that is bright and vivid. You will be able to see the screen in most lighting conditions including direct sunlight. The screen will display your voltage, resistance, temperature, wattage, and mode. Basically, all the pertinent information that a vaper needs to know about their mod.

I was a little surprised at how small the buttons on this mod are, but let’s be honest, this is a small mod. So in reality, they really are in proportion to the rest of the mod. I like the shape of the fire button. It looks like a tiny hexagon. The mode and plus minus buttons are shaped like tiny hexagons as well. All of the buttons are clicky and responsive. So far, I have had no button rattle on the Mini.


I really love the look and feel of this mod. It’s just a little Powerhouse that fits perfectly in a purse or pocket. The whole setup is just tiny and gorgeous. As I’ve said in a few of my other reviews, I use the subway a lot and this has become one of my little underground subway mods. It’s small enough to keep in a front jacket pocket or even a front jeans pocket. It’s just very easy for me to pull it out of my pocket and grab a few quick vapes before I have to get onto a bus or jump in a cab as I am coming out of the subway.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

It feels really nice in your hand and it has a very light feel without being cheap. It does feel exactly like a taller version of the Vaporesso Nano. While I did love the Vaporesso Nano, I like the Mini better because I have the ability to swap out my battery. The one thing the Nano does beat the Mini out in his height. I really do not like the fact that the Mini is very tall and skinny. It does tend to get knocked over very easily especially when you have a tank on it. Even if you run the short little Veco tank, I would highly recommend that you use a vape band on it. This mod just falls over a lot. I think Vaporesso would have been better served if they would have not beveled out the base and gave it a more squared off stance. That would add stability when you put it down. Since they didn’t go with this type of form factor, Vaporesso should have included a vape band just so you could have some protection for your tank.


This mod uses Vaporesso’s proprietary Omni chipset. It is a really good board and it has six main modes. They are Smart Variable Wattage Mode, TCR, Nickel, Titanium, Bypass, and Stainless Steel 316. It also has what Vaporesso calls a Customized Curve Wattage (CCW) and a Customized Curve Temperature (CCT) mode. Both of these modes will allow the vaper to set custom temperatures or wattages at different half second intervals. This allows the vaper to gain a greater degree of control whether they are in TC or wattage mode.

Smart Variable Mode is a pretty nice feature. Basically, what it does is, as soon as you screw on a new atomizer, you will be asked if this is an old or new coil. Nothing really new or groundbreaking here right? Wrong, after you answer, the Omni board will automatically choose the optimum wattage for the coil that you have just attached.

Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter Kit Review

I just think this is a spectacular feature for new vapers that may not know where to start off at. It is kind of accurate as well. Most of the time it’s right there in the range that I would actually vape that coil at. Sometimes, I have to bump it up 5 or 10 watts but we’re not looking for perfection here, just a starting point. So you can say that the Omni board does err on the conservative side when it comes to Smart Variable Wattage mode. At the very least, it does give the new vaper a great starting point and then, if they want, they can dial in their vape from there.

All the other modes like Nickel, Titanium, and SS are pretty much self-explanatory. The Tarot Mini, like a lot of Vaporesso mods, does a decent job in TC but to be honest it’s not the greatest. One huge con that has always annoyed me about the Omni board is that I cannot choose my wattage in TC. Instead, I can only choose my temperature and the board forces me to vape it at a much higher temperature than I normally would because I’m not allowed to control the ramp up of my coil. That kind of defeats the purpose of TC. I prefer being able to pick my own wattage. It would be especially helpful for a mod like this since it is smaller and I do tend to run smaller coils and tanks at lower wattages.


This menu system is definitely beginner-friendly and easy to use. I don’t know why more companies do not use a four button setup. It just makes life much easier instead of doing all those clicks with the fire button.

  • 5 clicks turns the mod on
  • 5 clicks turns the mod off
  • Hold the mode button down to go through the different material
  • Hold the +/- button down together to flip the screen.
  • Click the mode button 3 times quickly to access CCT or CCW modes.
  • Hold the – and mode button together to lock the resistance

That’s pretty much it on the menu system. Like I said before, the menu system is really well done and simple.


For what it is, the Tarot Mini Kit vapes great. You do have to remember that this is a small 80w mod and not a cloud-chucking animal. This mod is made to run at lower wattages with smaller tanks. You can run it at 80 watts if you choose to do so but your battery life will be absolutely horrible. At around 40 watts, I am able to get through a good part of the day with my Mini. It does also have that hidden charge port but in all honesty, I prefer just carrying a spare set of 18650’s. Out of all of the smaller mods that I have in my collection, this is definitely one of my favorites. I like bringing it out with me on short jaunts. It’s easy to carry and I get pretty decent battery life if I put a small tank on it.


If you are in the market for a solid commuter mod or a little setup to use at work and carry around with you, then you will want to check out the Vaporesso Tarot Mini. It does a more than respectable job in that area. Would I buy this mod as my all day everyday mod? Sure, but only if I was a low wattage tootle puffer that likes to run small tanks. If that’s the type of vaper that you are, then the Mini will serve you well. It will do everything that you ask it to do and it will do it without a big fuss. It’s definitely a worthy addition to any vapers collection especially if you are the type of vapor that I described above. It’s also great for the new vaper because of the way the Omni board is able to start you off in Smart Mode. In that context, I have to say that I can highly recommend the Vaporesso Tarot Mini. Be sure to use a Direct Vapor promo code when purchasing this kit.

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A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

Pros For The Tank:
  • Small
  • Leak proof
  • Great coil selection
  • Good flavor
  • Drop in coil system
  • Easy to use
  • Pairs great with the mod
Cons For Tank:
  • Lower wattage tank
  • Top airflow only
  • Juice capacity
Pros For The Mod:
  • Compact
  • Build Quality
  • Good board
  • Nice 510
  • 18650 battery can be swapped out easily
  • Look and feel
  • Great small mod
  • 80 watts
  • Very pocketable
  • Great kit for new vapers
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy menu system
  • Charge/update port is concealed and protected
Cons For The Mod:
  • Tiny buttons
  • TC could be better
  • Charge/update port is behind the battery cover
  • Easily knocked over, base should have been wider



  • 5 to 80W Output
    • OMNI Board
      • Six Total Output Modes
    • 0.05 to 5.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • 0 to 8.5V Voltage Range
    • Smart VW
      • Automatically Recommend Ideal Output
      • Can Easily Adjust
    • Customized Curve of Wattage (CCW)
      • Customize Wattage Output By Second Increments
      • Customize Ramp Up by 0.5 Second Increments
    • Bypass Mode
    • Firmware Upgradeable
      • Micro USB Charge Port
        • Adjacent to Battery Bay
    • Automatic Atomizer Recognition
  • Temperature Control Suite
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • SS316 Support
    • Customized Curve of Temperature (CCT)
      • Customize Temperature Output Over Time
    • TCR Mode
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Atomizer Lock
  • Magnetized Battery Access Panel
    • Accepts One High Amperage 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)
    • 24K Spring Loaded Contacts
  • Four Button Control
    • Enlarged Hexagon Firing Button
    • Hexagon Adjustment Buttons
    • Mode Button
  • Two Line 0.91 OLED Display
    • Temperature Mode and Output
    • Output Power
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Screen Rotation
  • Zinc and Aluminum Alloy Construction
    • Striking Panel Designs
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Low Voltage/Current/Output Short Circuit/Load/Low Resistance/Overheating/Anti Loaded/Timeout Protection


  • 93mm by 38mm by 22.5mm


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2ml Tank Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • EUC Coil Structure
    • Eco Universal Coil
      • Drop In Design
      • Cost Effective
      • Cross Platform Compatible with EUC Sleeve
    • Available in Ceramic and Traditional Cotton Wicking
      • Organic Cotton Surrounding Ceramic EUC
        • Provides Auxiliary Wicking
      • Full Organic Cotton on Traditional EUC
    • 0.5 ohm 316L Ceramic
      • 25 to 35W
    • 0.4 ohm Clapton Traditional
      • 40 to 50W
  • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow
    • 12mm by 1.5mm Each Airslot
  • 6mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact

Now It’s Available :Vaporesso Tarot Mini 80W Kit

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